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Bridging Finance Calculator

Use our Bridging Finance Calculator to get an idea of what your Bridging Loan might cost.

No obligation Bridging Finance calculator

This Bridging Finance Calculator is intended to provide an estimate of the costs involved with taking out short term finance or bridging finance. However, as there are many lenders, offering finance at different interest rates and the way in which interest is calculated we have developed this calculator to provide a clearer picture. As independent brokers, we will always source the most suitable and lowest cost finance facility.

Instructions for using the calculator

All boxes highlighted blue can be edited.

1) Gross Loan – For simplicity, the arrangement fee is added to the loan required
2) NET Loan – The NET loan is the amount required
3) Lender arrangement fee – typically 1-2% of the loan amount
4) Cost of funds – Bridging Lenders charge interest monthly
5) Term of loan – Bridging Loan terms are normally 1-36 months
6) Exit Fee – Most lenders do not charge exit fees
7) Admin fee – normally range from £0-495
8) Title indemnity – costs depend on the property type and value
9) Legal fees – costs vary depending on the complexity of the loan, loan amount and property value
10) Valuation fee – costs vary depending on the property value, type and location
11) Any other fees – enter any other known fees here
12) Value of Security – Enter the value of the property or properties used as security
13) First Charge – If this is a second charge bridging loan enter the existing first charge amount
14) & 15) Gross & Net Loan to Values – First charge loans are generally available up to 75-80% LTV, second charges at 65-75% LTV

The bridging finance calculator takes into account the loan to value required, term, property type – residential, commercial, land with or without planning.

Please contact us anytime to let us find you the best possible bridging finance option based on a detailed fact find, we will always provide a finance quote that fully details the interest rates charged and all other costs.

Bridging Calculator

The Belgravia Property Finance calculator is powered by product data from the top UK bridging lenders providing the lowest bridging rates with the lowest fees in London and the UK – England, Scotland, Wales, including Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands – Gibraltar, Jersey, and Guernsey.

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