Expat Buy To Let Mortgages

Expat Buy To Let Mortgages are one of many specialist mortgages that Belgravia Property Finance source from the whole of market, as well as the usual high street lenders BPF work with private banks, independent banks and offshore banks to provide clients with the widest possible access to products.


Loan to values are available generally up to 75% and capital raising on existing properties is allowed for most business purposes.


Self Employed Expat buy to let Mortgages


Expat mortgages for the self-employed business owner have always been particularly limited but even more so since mortgage lenders have tightened criteria since 2008. Belgravia Property Finance has access to a large number of specialist lenders for expats, both on and offshore catering to expats based in a large number of locations. Most of these lenders also cater to the needs and demands of expats and are comfortable lending to companies with complex shareholding structures across multiple jurisdictions. Many client reside in Europe, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, however all locations will be reviewed against lenders criteria.


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