Limited Company Buy To Let Mortgages

Sourcing Limited Company Buy To Let mortgages is a specialist mortgage of Belgravia Property Finance brokers. Our lender contacts span the UK as well as the Channel Islands – Jersey, Guernsey Isle of Man and Gibraltar for offshore mortgages.


Buy To Let mortgages for Limited Companies and other corporate entities such as LLPs, and Partnerships are available from a range of lenders and are priced competitively. Since the UK tax laws recently changed their has been a shift from purchases in personal names to purchases and transfers of existing properties into Limited Companies and other corporate structures.


Rates for Limited Company buy to let are reducing as more products are introduced and competition increases. Lifetime tracker rates, tracking the Bank of England base rates are available for long term portfolio planning. Both interest only and repayment options are available on a regular mortgage term of up to 35 years, although typically over 25 years.


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