Development Finance

Finance arranged for 90-100% of project costs

Property Development Finance is available for commercial and residential property for new and experienced investors from a large selection of Commercial Lenders and Hedge Funds, Banks and Family Offices. Finance can be arranged for up to 90% of the development costs.

Typically a property development loan is arranged on an interest only basis and the term of the loan is between 4 – 36 months, though longer and shorter terms are possible. The term normally depends on whether the loan is for refurbishment or for a new build property. Two stage loans are normally involved in development finance, although they are not always required together. One stage is for the land or property purchase and the other is to fund the cost of the renovation or build costs.

The rate / margin offered by the lender will vary significantly depending on the case presented to them and whether the applicant is an experienced or new property investor / developer. All applications are assessed on a case to case basis. Rates can be based on a margin above the Bank of England Base rate or LIBOR rate, or the lender may provide the option of a fixed rate. Rates for development loans are typically from 3.5% above the Bank of England Base rate.

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    We Don’t Just Stop at the UK!

    Development Finance outside of the UK only applies to PRIME DEVELOPMENT SITES and experienced developers with sufficient capital invested in the project, the type of project that would be of interest to institutional investors and funds, no speculative development.

    The lenders on our panel have recently agreed and offered to lend on residential and commercial developments in;

    Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Irish Republic, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, South America, Asia.

    We can also offer offshore development finance arranged in Euros or other currencies for experienced property developers. We also offer Bridging LoansMezzanine Finance and Mortgages.

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