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Investment Opportunities Worth £2 Billion Launched Across the UK

The government has recently announced £2 billion of new property investment opportunities spread over seven projects that will benefit everyone.

While offering an opportunity for investors, these projects will increase housing at a time of crisis and generate the creation of thousands of new jobs. With the overall benefit that will be felt covering the retail, lifestyle and creative sectors, it includes a brand new stadium seating 12,500 people in Gateshead.

Investment Opportunities Across Seven UK Locations

The launch of these investment opportunities was announced on Wednesday 17th October and includes projects in strategic cities across the country. Consequently, the projects include more than 2,000 new homes in Liverpool and 1000 new jobs at Paddington Park.

There will be a new logistics and distribution centre built at Follingsby Max in Gateshead creating another 5000 jobs. This is over and above the aforementioned stadium to be built at Gateshead Quays. In Edinburgh, investment in the bio and life sciences will place the city as a leading hub in stem cell research. The Edinburgh Bio Quarter will be the hub for this project.

Belfast’s rapidly growing reputation as a centre for media and film will be boosted with new grade A office space. This space is being developed for the creative and technology sector at The Sixth. It will span an area of 21,000 sqm.

Down in the south of England, Sussex will enjoy the development of a new science and technology park. Located at Burgess Hill, this project will also include more than 90 000 square metres of commercial space. The announcement is part of a drive to promote prosperity amongst local people. Aside from creating jobs, the projects will increase the quality of life on a local level.

Easier Opportunity for International Investors

International secretary for trade Dr Liam Fox said that there has never been an easier opportunity for international investment. These seven projects provide investors with the opportunity to do just that. He is quoted as saying, “Not only will these projects promote our vibrant and successful real estate industry, they create homes and jobs across the country”.

Equally, Minister for Investment, Graham Stuart, has echoed these sentiments by stating that he found it a privilege to launch these new schemes for exactly these reasons.

He added, “The UK is the number one destination in Europe for foreign investment, and we will continue to promote opportunities that will help people find jobs and develop strong communities”.

The MIPM Property Conference

The seven projects were unveiled at the MIPM property conference last week. This will, therefore, provide an opportunity for both local and international investors in a wide range of sectors. 3,000 property professionals and over 300 potential investors and financial institutions from all over the world were in attendance.

The DITs capital investment team have developed the portfolio together. Leading the government’s drive to attract and support international investment on a large scale. This includes investment in property, regeneration, infrastructure, and energy projects across the country.

Adding to this, the government will this week announce its Perfect Fit Prospectus, thus introducing a new project using technology to create individualised reports for potential investors. It creates a matching process depending on their country of origin and also the sectors that they invest and operate in. This enables them to make informed decisions about the available investment opportunities most suited to them.

The DIT seeks to become the most innovative investment promotion agency globally. Importantly, tools such as these will help them to realise this.

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Investment Opportunities Worth £2 Billion Launched Across the UK 17531

Investment Opportunities Worth £2 Billion Launched Across the UK 17531

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